Learning Objectives

Aesthetics Principles & Minimally Invasive Implant Placement

Teach the basic rules of the aesthetic principles, proportion and proper placement of space, in relation to the implant placement, with emphasis on diagnosis, and medical conditions. Do a sequential treatment plan based on the diagnostic evaluation of the patient. Step-by-step sequence demonstration through a clinical surgical video from diagnosis to implant placement and final restoration of a patient. Show and explain in detail different techniques for taking the impression, what to avoid and new protocols to be predictable. Clinical cases will be shown and discussed from the initial diagnosis to the final phase of restoration. New trends related to the implant systems on the market, cost including and a new implant system developed by Novobiotek will be discussed. Learn to use, step by step, the new application for handling office tasks. Learn to create their own office areas to track or monitor from anywhere. Create users’ access and soon an EMR free.

Hands On, Over the Shoulder Live Implant Surgery

Learn the history of implants, how they have evolved to the current designs and surface treatments, and how design affects the biomechanical diagnosis and treatment plan decisions that follow. Provide complete and detailed instructions on the placement of dental implants and the restorative phase. Cover all aspects of how to make printing and final cementation, as well as how to increase the chances of success and clinical predictability of implant procedures. Medical implants will be placed in pig jaws in order to practice the protocol and lessons learned, following step-by-step sequence protocol. The doctor will expose different implant diameters, lengths, designs and uses as immediate or delayed load and mini implants. Doctors will have the opportunity to observe a live surgery on patient "over the shoulder” in which they can see and clarify all the lessons learned while carrying out the surgery. Doctors will learn how to handle a real implant surgery. Learn how to use a new task tracker application to monitor all office areas in a simple way.

2018 - 2019 Schedule

Dallas, Texas


Puerto Rico


Houston, Texas

  • SESSION I & II – January 24 & 25, 2019

Course Fee: $2,495 

About the Speaker


Dr. Ebless V. Báez, Director and founder of NOVOBIOTEK, is a graduate of the Dental School of Medicine of Puerto Rico. The first Puerto Rican to receive a 501k clearance by the FDA on the first dental implant system design and manufacture in P.R and the Inventor of the TOTALIS® Dental Implant System and its neo-implant approach both surgically and prosthetically, with its patented innovative implant threads, abutment and impression easy protocol. He has been a certified instructor for many dental implant companies and NOVOBIOTEK. more +




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