Learning Objectives

Bone grafting & Hands On Training

Provide comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical ways to develop minimally invasive procedures. Learn about new biomimetic systems, techniques, and materials to help the regeneration of soft and hard tissues, and implants to achieve predictable results. Understand the indications, guidelines and protocols to achieve successful bone graft. Teach doctors bone biomechanical behavior, and how the ultra structure of bone affects and interacts with other products and regenerative implant. Recognize all physiological stages of healing and tissue behavior before and after implant placement and tissue regeneration. Describe the anatomy, biology, and ultra structure of bone and wound healing of bone grafting procedure. Recognize types of bone graft products, available membranes, components and applications. Recognize all growth factors and blood components for a healing process of normal tissue. Learn how to manage and prevent complications associated with bone grafting procedures.

Live Patient Surgery Hands On Training (separate registration is required)

Discuss new guidelines for medical systemic considerations, as well as, indications and contraindications for treatment of implant surgery and legal aspects. Achieve the proper planning of case from making diagnoses records, pre - event planning and treatment. Recognize the important anatomical areas, what areas to avoid, interocclusal management of complications and guides. Identify strongest pillars of areas, guidelines for determining areas and limitations approach. Learn new techniques to keep it simple, be more predictable and avoid failures. A new technique developed by Dr. Baez that simplifies the process will be presented. Apply the techniques learned to perform the surgery on the patient.

2018 - 2019 Schedule

Puerto Rico

  • SESSION III & SESSION IV - December 6 & 7, 2018

  • Location: Ponce, PR

Houston, Texas

  • SESSION III & IV - January 26 & 27, 2019

Course Fee: $3,495 

About the Speaker


Dr. Ebless V. Báez, Director and founder of NOVOBIOTEK, is a graduate of the Dental School of Medicine of Puerto Rico. The first Puerto Rican to receive a 501k clearance by the FDA on the first dental implant system design and manufacture in P.R and the Inventor of the TOTALIS® Dental Implant System and its neo-implant approach both surgically and prosthetically, with its patented innovative implant threads, abutment and impression easy protocol. He has been a certified instructor for many dental implant companies and NOVOBIOTEK. more +


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